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At CommerceHub, our marketplace team is committed to helping you succeed on the top marketplaces and this includes Walmart. We’d like to help get your brand in front of millions of customers visiting every day to increase revenues and build brand loyalty.  

Three of Walmart’s top marketplace experts— Alicia Definis, Associate Director, Marketplace Growth, Zach Hekker, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Sid Sahoo, Manager, Strategic Partner Development—shared why selling on Walmart Marketplace is a great opportunity for growing brands.  

Here are excerpts from the Q&A session following our Why webinar 

How long—start to finish—does it take to set up on Walmart Marketplace?

Once you complete an application, it can take anywhere from two weeks to one month to get your company onboarded. This is due to our trust/safety review process, which diligently reviews your application to verify information and check customer satisfaction ratings. You may be asked to provide additional documentation. We invite you to use this link to apply so we can expedite your request. Please note: If you’ve applied to be a seller on Walmart Marketplace in the past and didn’t hear back, it’s worth applying again using this link.  

How does fulfillment work on Walmart Marketplace? 

Sellers manage fulfillment of their own products. We encourage sellers to offer 2-day shipping. You can do this by taking advantage of our partnership with Deliverr. Through them, we offer special negotiated rates to ship products nationwide. You can choose how many SKUs to add and can enable it by location, giving you a lot of flexibility. If you take advantage of Walmart Sponsored Product Ads and can offer 2-day shipping in certain regions you can boost impressions and conversions.  

Who pays shipping?

Shipping is free to the customer. Sellers build it into their cost model. SEO improves when you participate in 2-day shipping in the regions you can meet this expectation and have the badge.  

How does Walmart address infringed brand content?  

Walmart has a low incidence of these infractions due to the thorough vetting process and the high bar we’ve set for sellers to participate in our marketplace program. In the event that this does happen, there is a public notice form that you can complete and our team can give you support to address the content that is being infringed upon.  

Is Walmart accepting high-end products?  

Yes, luxury products are welcome categories to our assortment. For example, Nike products can now be sold and Ray-ban products will be available in February 2020. We are working to increase our assortment of luxury products. If you have assortment in these categories, Walmart Marketplace is a great opportunity for your brand. 

If I’m already on, can I join Walmart Marketplace?  

Yes, we support this hybrid approach. To be considered, your application has to be verified and allowed by the retail category manager on If it makes sense for your business to be on both channels, we encourage you to apply 

Will the integration process on Walmart Marketplace be faster if I’m a CommerceHub customer?  

Yes, it is a shorter timeframe to launch versus being a brand-new seller to the CommerceHub network. The integration is done via the CommerceHub Marketplace platform. We take your content and feed it into Walmart Marketplace.  

Does CommerceHub help with advertising on Walmart Marketplace? 

Yes, we can fully support your advertising on Walmart Marketplace. We apply advanced metrics and proprietary practices to help customers find your products and we continually monitor the program and make adjustments in real time to boost impressions. We assign a dedicated account manager to advocate on your behalf, advise and adjust promotions to maximize conversions and develop click-worthy product content to get in front of the right customers. We also provide in-depth reporting and analysis of advertising, sales, profits, channel feeds and promotions to optimize your presence on Walmart Marketplace and other top marketplaces.   

Can you sell refurbished products on Walmart Marketplace?  

Yes, in certain categories. For example, refurbished electronics is an approved category. To sell in this category, you are required to go through an additional vetting during our onboard process to be approved to sell these items.  

Who pays sales tax?  

The seller is responsible for the sales tax. Please view our process on Seller Central. CommerceHub can assist by setting codes for where sales tax must be collected and then pass it to the seller so they can collect the tax.   

How does Walmart pay sellers? Are there referral fees?  

Sellers are paid by ACH deposit transfer. Disbursements are made bi-weekly. We are expanding our partnership with PayPal to allow you to use Hyperwallet. There are no monthly fees or subscription fees. A referral fee is deducted from your regular payments for sold items.  

What are the fees to set up on Walmart Marketplace through CommerceHub?  

CommerceHub is waiving its implementation fee for sellers who apply by February 28, 2020. Please contact if you have questions about this offer.

*This webinar was recorded on January 28, 2020.