Our Values

The future of CommerceHub is bright. These values will center our growing team, so that all of our teammates know from day one, who we are and who we aspire to be.



Treat everyone with respect and empathy. Always.

Customer outcomes over company goals

We always make our decisions in the long-term best interest of the customer first, and then optimize for company outcomes or convenience.

Persistent optimism about the future

We can only invent the future by believing in a world that doesn’t exist yet. Those with unwavering commitment to the possibility of a better future are the ones who have shaped the world we live in today. A group united in possibility is unstoppable and we aspire to use our shared optimism to shape the world of tomorrow.

Choose courage over comfort

Always doing the right thing is hard. It requires courage to speak up when the group is leaning in another direction, courage to be vulnerable in search of the truth, and courage to take risks. Without courage, we lose the ability to innovate for our customers and inevitably become average.

Embrace the power of “yet”

There is nothing in this world that cannot be learned, only what we haven’t learned yet. We support our teammates on their journeys of curiosity and learning. We must each be a “learn-it-all,” not a “know-it-all.”

Bias for speed and quality

Speed and quality are not opposites. It is possible to bias for speed and increase quality. We always choose the harder path of speed and quality to create better outcomes for our customers and ourselves.

Hire and develop the best

Leaders recognize exceptional talent and take seriously their commitment to coach team members by investing time and attention in their development and willingly moving them within the organization to accelerate their growth. With every hire and promotion, we commit to raising the performance bar of our team.

Taking smart risks is a superpower. Blame is its kryptonite.

Innovation is critical for us to exceed our customers’ expectations. Without taking chances, there is no innovation. As a team, we must always take more smart risks today than we did yesterday. When the risk doesn’t work out, we learn from it and spread that learning far and wide. Blame inhibits risk taking and innovation, so we avoid it like the kryptonite that it is.

Default to transparency

Access to information enables us to create the very best work for our customers and each other. We only share information that is ours to share, recognizing that there are situations where we have commitments to others to maintain information in confidence. We do not share information that would violate our commitment to treat everyone with respect and empathy.

Everyone sweeps the floors

We remain grounded by staying humble, paying attention to all the small details, never saying, “It’s not my problem,” and always supporting each other.

If you’re looking for a career defining opportunity to build something new, and make an impact – come grow with us!