Drop Ship with the
Biggest Names in Retail

Welcome to CommerceHub’s Retailer Connection Network!

By completing the Supplier Profile form below and uploading your Product File, you’ll become eligible to establish drop-ship relationships with some of the biggest names in retail.

Note: Completing the Supplier Profile does not guarantee you will be connected to a Retailer in the Network. See the FAQ on the right for more information.

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1. Download and complete the Product Template

Download Product Template

2. Complete the survey questions, upload the completed Product Template file and Submit the form.

3. We’ll confirm we’ve received your information and notify the Sales Contact if you’re a match for one of our Retailers!


View the complete FAQs here

When will I hear back about connecting to a Retailer?

Once you submit your form, we need to process your information and see if your categories, brands and company information are a match for what one of the Retailers on our network are looking for. We are constantly working with Retailers on campaigns to find new Suppliers, so if you don’t hear back from us with a recommended Retailer to connect to right away, that is perfectly normal. We retain your information and each time we begin a new campaign with a Retailer, we will review your information to see if you are a match and will notify the Sales Contact if that is the case.

How will this information be used?

Retailers set up merchandising campaigns to identify new suppliers to partner with through CommerceHub. They select the brands and/or categories they are looking for along with some basic criteria that needs to be met in order to make an introduction. We will use the information you provide to determine if there is a match between your company and the Retailer’s criteria.

Will my information be shared?

No, not without your permission. Before sharing any information with a Retailer, we will notify the Sales Contact and request permission to share the provided information with the Retailer your company matches to. Each time you receive a new match, you will have the option of whether or not to be introduced to the Retailer and share your company information with them. Your information will not be publicly available.

Why do you require product information?

Retailers are searching for specific categories and brands. By submitting a product file with the basic information requested, our systems are able to match your products to our standard categories and indicate how many products fall into each category. This aids both you and the retailer by giving a high level overview of how your company’s products would fit into their assortment strategy without time consuming exchanges. No information will be shared without your permission and if permission is granted, only a roll up of categories and brands will be shared with the approved Retailer.

What if my information changes or I make a mistake?

If you would like to submit an updated profile or made a mistake on the last submission, you can overwrite the existing information in our system by resubmitting the form.