Shoppable Media is Coming To a TV Near You

Super Bowl is when the advertisers put on their creative hats and develop innovative ways to engage customers. The latest to add to the buzz is immersive selling ad experiences during the Super Bowl, making it quicker and easier for customers to get the products they want. Link Walls, VP of digital marketing strategy at ChannelAdvisor, a CommerceHub company, shares insights on the future of retail and why immersive ad experiences are crucial for brands and retailers moving forward.

About 17% of the Super Bowl audience tunes into the game just for the advertisements. Brands can use this opportunity to present a frictionless buying experience through shoppable media. This form of advertising allows viewers to buy a product directly through the ad, whereas traditional media provides no direct path to purchase. Shoppable ads might not be a new phenomenon in online media. However, when it comes to TV advertising, it has now started to gain momentum.

According to Aluma InsightsOpens a new window , research shows 50% of online adults recalled seeing a shoppable TV ad. While about 40% of viewers engaged, and 70% of those purchased the product at that time or later. During last year’s Super Bowl, CoinBase’s QR code advertisement drove 20 million hits to its website, crashed its servers and was widely considered one of the night’s best ads. At the same time, the report suggests that engagement with shoppable TV ads is lower than with social ads. The research also indicated that adults under 45, especially millennial males, are the most likely to make these purchases. This may be due to these consumers growing up with online shopping and click-to-buy processes.

With the new capabilities added to streaming TV platforms, advertisers have more opportunities to leverage the shoppable experience.

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