ChannelAdvisor Being Acquired by CommerceHub

CommerceHub plans to acquire ChannelAdvisor in a joining of two competing SaaS ecommerce platforms combining front-end and back-end capabilities for retailers and brands to help grow their businesses, but one that will face some integration work based on different technologies.

“CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor have both established themselves as leading solutions for different segments of online retailers and brands,” said Bryan Dove, CEO of CommerceHub in a release. “By coming together, we can provide an even broader network, enabling our combined customers to grow their businesses by discovering new products, new brands, and new channels.”

Rick Watson, CEO and founder of RMW Commerce Consulting, worked for 10 years at ChannelAdvisor and had CommerceHub as a client. Watson said the deal creates a “one-stop shop” for retailers and brands looking to access digital channels, while allowing the former competitors to be more focused in product development.

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