Make Buy on Google a Successful Marketplace For You

“Google’s Buy on Google was an unexpected new source of revenue for us. We trusted the CommerceHub team on the recommendation and capitalizing on the opportunity was one of the best things we’ve done this year.”

-Al Falack, Vice-President, Cookie’s Kids

As customer expectations for wide product selection and fast delivery grow, drop shipping has become an important way for retailers and brands to quickly expand product assortment, improve availability and sidestep hefty upfront inventory costs.

Google’s new Buy on Google program allows you to sell your products directly to consumers on, the Google Assistant and Google Shopping. Google Shopping is a rapidly expanding marketplace growing, on average, 9% larger each week,1 and 68% of shoppers acquired through Buy on Google are net new.2 With the CommerceHub direct APl integration, you’ll have the required connection to manage orders and expand your selling channels to reach more than 1 billion Google-enabled devices and billions of people who use Google every day. 3

CommerceHub is a first-to-market integration partner, fully supporting and working directly with the Google Express Business and Product Development teams on the Buy on Google program.

We are leveraging our extensive Google and marketplace expertise to help you:

  • Increase exposure of your products to Google’s massive audiences across multiple mediums
  • Reliably and efficiently create a data exchange with CommerceHub direct to the Buy on Google API
  • Enhance your visibility across marketplace, search, social and data feed channels all in оne place
  • Control and monitor inventory levels, content feeds and price changes to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize oversells
  • Connect your loyalty programs to reward return customers


  • Retailers on Google Shopping see a 30% average increase in basket size with Buy on Google, isn’t it time to get your brand connected?4
  • Google requires pre-approval to join and CommerceHub can assist you though the process
  • Once approved by Google, CommerceHub begins with the channel setup requirements and gets you onboard
  • Buy on Google is a commission pay-per-sale program and there are no membership or monthly seller fees


2. Mastercard Pre/Post Analysis of Shopping Actions Performance, June 2018
4. Google internal data, Q1 2017 vs 2018 YTD

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