Browser Support

For the best experience using CommerceHub’s web apps, we recommend using one of our supported browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox (macOS and Windows), Version 64 or later

  • Google Chrome (macOS and Windows), Version 71 or later

  • Internet Explorer (Windows), Version 11

  • Microsoft Edge
    • EdgeHTML (Windows), Version 18
    • Chromium (macOS and Windows), Version 79 or later
  • Safari (macOS), Version 12.0.3 or later

To get the most out of certain features on our platform, you may be required to upgrade to the most recent version of the browser you use. If your browser is older than what’s listed above, click one of the following buttons to update to one of our supported browsers.

Security Requirements

Browsers that fail to meet industry–standard security guidelines (TLS 1.2 encryption protocols) will not be able to access CommerceHub web apps.